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MDI SLR AR-15 style receiver

MDI SLR AR-15 style receiver


Non-Restricted AR-15 in Canada Maccabee Defense SLR. You heard it correctly a non-restricted AR-15 in Canada for Canada made in Canada.  The receiver is non-restricted SLR rifle that accepts AR-15 parts (barrel, handguard, pistol grip, triggers, buttstock, BCG, etc). The RCMP lab has deemed this rifle non-restricted assuming barrel length over 18.5″.  The 18.5” is important as the AR-15 is semi-auto and center-fire. That means you’ll be able to take it hunting, plinking in the back 40, or wherever you like without the hassle of registration and ATTs.

Important Note: Our receiver is not compatible with some True North Arms ( TNA) parts. Please check before you purchase.

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