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AX // 01 1911 SLIDE

AX // 01 1911 SLIDE


Introducing the AX // 01 1911 slide by Aeroknox. Our version of what a modern day 1911 slide should look like. Made out of 4340 hi-carbon steel These slides are struck on precision dies and pre-heat treated to 37-41 RC before they ever see a cutting tool to insure dimensional stability. After which they are precision machined, adding our own style of rear serrations and front "Rack Pads" (textured frontal pads for intense grip). Simple. Modern. Functional.​

  • Standard Novak sight cuts (sights sold separately)

  • for 5" Government length .45 ACP 1911's

  • Slightly undersized for proper hand lapping fitment to 1911 frame

  • See certified gunsmith for proper installation

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